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We dedicate this page to our incredible fans, our loyal customers, barbecue competitions, and anything else related to Backwoods Smokers!

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G2 Series Smokers- G2 Chubby- G2 Party- G2 Fatboy- G2 Competitor

Backwoods Pellet Chef

Pellet feed option availble on Party-G2 Party-Fatboy-G2Fatboy smokers only..

Pellet Hopper

Piglet Plus with 9 whole large briskets on it.

Standard Party loaded down...

Fatboy standard smoker with 5 racks evenly spaced.

Whole Hog cooked on a Pro Comp Hog.

Frying fish on the Pellet Chef.

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Cooking Biscuits on the Pellet Chef Griddle.

Bacon & Sausage anyone??? 

Smokin' in Red

Backwoods Arsenal for sure.

Serious load of Chubby's

Here they are  in action our 1" insulation does great up north. (Just saying  lol...)

The Shop : Your smoker is hand made and made in the USA

Chase cooking chicken on his red G2 Chubby.

Backwoods in the Netherlands


Chase Lumms of Backwoods Smokers & Mark Lambert of Sweet Swine O Mine

Johnny McKinnon from Fireman John's

Mark Lambert from SSOM & Brian Lipps from Smokin' Lipps

Removable stand on a chubby.

All swivel & all locking standard casters.

Heavy duty caster for our Proffesional & Hog cookers .